Erickson "The Hammer" Lubin

Erickson The Hammer Lubin

Erickson Lubin

"The Hammer"

Record 22-1-0 (W-L-D)

Age 24

Home Orlando, Florida

Division Light middleweight

Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)

Height 5'9.5"

Erickson Lubin, a spokesman for KO Addiction, is speaking out against substance abuse and is passionate about helping those who are struggling with addiction. At the age of just 24 years old, Lubin has an impressive collection of accolades under his belt including 2015 Boxing Scene prospect of the year, as well as 2016 ESPN prospect of the year.


Erickson Lubin, an American professional boxer, is ranked 14th in the world among super welterweights: 154-pound weight class. Erickson was born and raised in Orlando, Florida to Haitian immigrant parents in 1995. Known as “The Hammer”, Lubin fights with a southpaw stance and has truly mastered boxing techniques with speed, power, and vigilance.

Growing up, Lubin always went to the boxing gym with his older brother as he admired and loved boxing. Looking up to Oscar De La Hoya, a former professional boxer from California with 38-4, 30 KOs, and being empowered by Mike Tyson, Lubin idolized boxing and dreamt of going pro one day. Mike Tyson taught Lubin some valuable lessons on how to manage the stress and pressure that is associated with being a pro boxer. Lubin highly valued the professional input from one of his biggest fans. Lubin has been pro since 2013 and has fought 70 professional rounds thus far.

Being mentored by Mike Tyson, an American professional boxer, taught him about the pitfalls of boxing both on a professional as well as on a personal level. He instilled confidence in Lubin which he continually possesses in every game. Lubin was also trained by Jason Galarza, a boxing trainer born in Brooklyn and resides in Orlando where he trained Lubin.

Prior to making boxing his career, Lubin was given the opportunity to seize a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games. Although this opportunity was quite obviously hard to deny, his admiration for boxing simply couldn’t be denied. Lubin doesn’t hold any regrets in turning down the chance to play in the Olympic Games. He instead focused his energy on his true passion: boxing.

At 18 years old, Lubin was open to new opportunities. He had the chance to defeat top boxers in some of the most anticipated matches. Now, at the age of 24, Lubin has an impressive track record, boasting 22 wins, 1 loss, and 16 KOs. Through professional coaching and mentoring by Mike Tyson and Jason Galarza, coupled with a desire to be the best, Lubin has learned how to exert the perfect punch to outplay and outmaneuver his opponents. Lubin has successfully defeated top-performing boxers such as Jorge Cota, Juan Ubaldo Cabrera, and Ivan Montero in his career thus far.

Erickson continues to master his skillset and with every passing bout, gets better and better. Always stepping it up a notch in every match throughout his career, Lubin possesses a keen and versatile boxing style that has worked in his favor. With more successful wins on the radar, the boxer will work hard to maintain his rank to be the best that boxing has ever seen.

After Turning Pro

Just as Lubin was mentored by the best in the industry, he wants to reciprocate that to youth of today. Lubin was inspired by Tyson’s capacity to seamlessly move through the stresses that boxing imposed, further motivating him to never give up. He guided Lubin, empowering him on the ins and outs of professional boxing. Erickson was also trained by Jason Galarza, a boxing trainer born in Brooklyn and resides in Orlando where he trained Lubin.

The future looks bright for Lubin. With more successful wins on the radar, the boxer will work hard to maintain his rank, working toward being the best that boxing has ever seen.

Lubin Making a Difference

With the opiate epidemic sweeping the nation, Lubin understands the particular effect that drugs have had on his hometown of Orlando, Florida. Seeing first-hand the impact that substance abuse has had on our nation further motivates Lubin to educate youth on the consequences of drug abuse. Lubin is committed to educating the youth of today on the harsh realities of the opiate epidemic that are facing our nation in an effort to combat addiction.

KO Addiction is set out to instill knowledge in the youth of today about the harms of drug abuse. Lubin wants to connect and resonate with kids throughout the United States, speaking ongoing about drug abuse, how it is affecting communities, and how important it is to seek help for anyone with addiction issues. Contrary to his relentless style of boxing, Lubin is an avid supporter of substance abuse prevention.

Word From Our Fighters

WhiteSands Treatment is pleased to have Erickson Lubin and Jared Gordon as Advocates for Drug Abuse Prevention.

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